For a break down on the prices, just go to my commissions page. I’m having a case of bad luck and trying to get back on my feet. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!



1. Draw how you see yourself.

2. Draw yourself in a cartoon or comic style you enjoy.

3. Draw yourself reflecting how you feel right now.

4. Draw yourself as a mythical creature you like.

5. Draw yourself as a cute little monster of your own…


For a break down on the prices, just go to my commissions page. I’m having a case of bad luck and trying to get back on my feet. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Okay so remember how in May that my friend had the van fire and I got my car running? It didn’t run for long and what I thought was a kinda big issue with the head gasket turned out to be the pistons in the car. oez Lucky me has to get a new car now. Me who doesn’t even have enough money to pay for a hotel because I have no place to go. I can’t get out of this area. So kinda in the middle between a rock and a hard place and if I can get commissions to try to put towards a new car or even this room that would be great. So yeah, commissions are still open so you know.


When someone unfollows me I take it very personally.

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For a break down on the prices, just go to my commissions page. I’m having a case of bad luck and trying to get back on my feet. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Conversation I noticed going on in a stream, so decided to show some stuff back from 2003 up to now that was just one character and how she was drawn, changed, and things like that. Anyone can draw, but it’s up to you if you want to continue through it and practice.

Just a friendly reminder that I do have commissions open. And now with better pricing! Long story short, the job I was working at, after stressing out because of the van fire, laid me off. There wasn’t enough money being made because I was running his computer related things(eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, etc) and now, even though I have the week paid at this hotel(yes I’m still staying at hotels and lets not even mention that my car blew a head gasket), I’m screwed for next week. So the gist of what I have to do, I need money. BADLY. I have some commissions I am working on and haven’t forgotten about yet, just with everything, I’ve been doing my best to get things done as fast as possible considering the unstable situation I continue to be in and trying so much to get out of.

So if you’re up for a commission, check it out here.

Aside from commissions, I still have my Patreon page. I don’t update that often at the moment since I want to submit my personal comic related material, but I don’t want to overdue it, so it will be updated bi-weekly so it’s not taking so much away.

So take a look into the both of them. Hope to hear from ya!

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



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Whyyyyyyy not?

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Have some NPC’s without their pokemon. Why do I do this to myself? oez

Yes I made a Patreon account. I’m not sure if I have any sort of following but if you guys want to be my patron, I’ll be sure to do supply those rewards and I’ll add more in the future!

To do list after work.

-Finish chibis so I can take on more. I needs the money to clear my paypal. eAe

-Finish characters and put them on apps(Optional for today)

-Script write/draw comic characters for one shot.

-finish drawing pages for other comic

I wanted to finish something recreational before I punched a wall. My purrloin, Souka. Because yes.




It’s been a week since the accident, I deleted my last post about this because the site thought it was a scam, but it’s not. My friend and I has been stressed out for the week, looking for work, doing whatever we can to move forward. My friend is now stuck in the place he doesn’t want to be and what’s worse, his own family wants nothing to do with him and treat him like he’s shit. This link here is to help him be able to get a new vehicle. We spent all day sending proof and telling the people it’s real, even sent the call about it from the 911 call.

His family kicked him out, I’ve been driving him around in the car my dad gave me, but he needs a van. He loves what he does as a vendor at conventions when he’s able to and he took a long time collecting what he was able to collect in that van. Please guys, I’m begging you. He wants to move on with his life and away from his, sorry I can’t think of a better term, shit family who doesn’t give a damn.

I’m asking to share this link, and if you can donate, you would be the greatest person in the world, much more greater than his family who doesn’t seem to comprehend that he lost everything. It’s bad enough that the situation makes me want to die, but I have never heard him say that he wants to be dead because his own family doesn’t even care for him.

I wouldn’t label this as an emergency until it was a dire need for things. I’m trying to not lose hope in humanity the best that I can because people like to think this didn’t really happen, but it did! I was there and this was down the road from where my own family lived. It’s my fault he had to come back, and I just want him to move on and out of this place if he doesn’t want to be here. Share this please, I don’t want to ask but if you can donate or you know people who can, I just want him to be able to move past this nightmare.

Seriously, this guy can barely get a break. Someone had put rude comments on his page for this. I had to help him delete them. He just needs help. He has 175 towards his goal thanks to some really good people but we know you can’t buy a running van with that.

All I’m asking is to share, share on facebook, twitter, here again, we just need as many people to be able to help him out. Just one dollar from 5,925 more people, or however people wants to break it down.

Guys, please! The both of us has been looking for work, we’re living in a hotel room and check out’s tomorrow. We’re out of money, I’m starving from not eating while trying to get whatever change we can for the bill. There’s no place to go, his family kicked him out even after finding out his van was on fire and blames him for an accident.

Even if we both find a job today, we won’t have money to pay where we’re staying at and then in the streets. It’s really important. I just need this signal boosted. Please guys, I’m begging you!

Finally some good news! After doing what I can and sleeping in the car so many times that I’m not going to get into, I did find a job! Thankfully my knowledge of computers helped out with it. I’m at least making enough for a room and the boss man has been helping out tremendously with that(it’s just coming out of my pay really). I’m hoping after my friend’s show in Orlando(FAE if anyone is going) helps a bit while I do what I do with work on my end and finish up some drawings for some people. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for me, but this still doesn’t get me out of the woods yet. The hotel/motel stuff is burning through that cash more than it should, and my friend is still trying to find a job and doing all of this in one car, not good. All I’m asking is for this to be signal boosted. I hope you all would help in this endeavor. It would help us where we need to be, or even find a place to live that’s not burning so many holes into my pay funds.