First one was a commission for @fuzzlespup ;w; the other is another thing I did mostly for art selling purposes.

Fancy top hat?

Go pro. Tumblr pro that is.

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You know your migraines are bad when…

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Preview of what I’m working on at the moment. Yes, it’s a different comic project. Ignore the fact I purposely skipped pages.

There’s some things I have to fix, but I’ll do that sometime Sunday maybe.


I may or may not be having fun with perspective. Either way, progress! /o/ And 4 in the morning soon.

I’m determined to draw comics all night long into tomorrow or until my back hurts. And yes this is completely different from the other I was working on prior.


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jamafly sent:

Honey, I'm home *winkwonksaggresivly*

*reactionzoom* Honey what is wrong with your eyes ther? *hit*

Drew a thing waiting at this con for people to come and it’s slow.